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Earn Yield on Crypto With Arch: Introducing $ADDY and $AEDY

Gm Architects;

We are excited to introduce our new family of yield-bearing products: Arch USD Diversified Yield Token ($ADDY), and Arch Ethereum Diversified Yield Token ($AEDY).

Our new family of yield-bearing product helps you maximize returns, while diversifying risk across multiple yield strategies:

  • $ADDY: Finally, an opportunity to invest in a dollar-based asset that provides better returns than those offered by traditional financial institutions.
  • $AEDY: Increase the productivity of your Ethereum holdings, the native token that's powering the world's largest smart contract platform.

These tokens offer a unique addition to portfolios, combining attractive yields with the benefits of diversification.

💵 Arch USD Diversified Yield Token ($ADDY)

The US-Dollar yield-bearing token

Earn yield: ADDY is our US-Dollar yield-bearing product, comprised of a selection of strategies that generate returns over the most established stablecoins. Historically, these strategies have delivered a roughly 2-4% annual yield.

& Mitigate risks: The token aims to mitigate asset and protocol-specific risks by investing in different vaults, providing a more stable return for our investors.

ADDY is the perfect option for investors seeking a transparent, liquid, and accessible vehicle to gain exposure to USD.

We follow a rigorous methodology to ensure that ADDY invests in stable, long-term opportunities with a proven track record of success

We require each of ADDY's underlying assets to meet strict investment criteria, including having a minimum market capitalization of 1 billion USD for its associated USD stablecoins, a minimum track record of 6 months, and other key investment requirements. The weighting is proportional to the TVL of each underlying token.

$ADDY: Allocation across strategies

💎 Arch Ethereum Diversified Yield Token ($AEDY)

The Ethereum yield-bearing token

Maximize returns: Our product uses diversified strategies in several staking and lending protocols, allowing investors to gain yield and maximize returns on their ETH investment. Historically, these strategies have delivered a roughly 4-5% annual yield over ETH returns.

Ethereum's total staked value reached a record of USD 34.1 billion; almost 15% of all eligible tokens are currently staked, and it's one of the largest growing trends in the crypto ecosystem. You can learn more about Ethereum staking and why it's an excellent way for investors to earn a yield on their crypto here.

& Mitigate risks: AEDY was created using a sound methodology that seeks to minimize protocol-specific risk by diversifying in large and track record-proof protocols and strategies, making it a more attractive option for an investor to participate in the Ethereum ecosystem.

AEDY is our yield-bearing token designed for those who lack the time or expertise to manage their long-term Ethereum investments but want to make the most from it.

To ensure the effectiveness of our investment approach, we require each of our underlying constituents to have a minimum market value of 100 million USD and a minimum track record of 3 months.

Our weighting approach is based on the square of each underlying's market size, ensuring that larger and more established opportunities have a more significant impact on the overall performance of AEDY.

$AEDY: Allocation across strategies

We built our latest tokens based on direct feedback from our valued investors. Through research and cutting-edge technology, we've created tokens that offer a unique opportunity for investors seeking to maximize returns on their crypto.

👉 Book a call with us to learn how $ADDY and $AEDY can boost your portfolio

To learn more about how our new investment products can fit into your portfolio, schedule a meeting with Nicolas Jaramillo, our Co-Founder, who can answer any questions you may have.

Book a time that works for you using our scheduling link.

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