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Wilder World: Everything About this Metaverse

Wilder World: Everything About this Metaverse

Wilder World has fused two powerful technologies - cryptocurrency and NFTs - to create an unprecedented digital landscape that offers its users unparalleled convenience.

Experience art brand-newly with Wilder World, an ultra-realistic NFT and Metaverse platform spearheaded by its artist guild.

Here you can explore breathtaking works of art that exist as digitally rendered tokens - each piece is unique. Immerse yourself into this sophisticated gallery where all artwork is available for purchase – yours to keep forever.

Wilders of the World possesses immense creativity and authenticity, which are harnessed to control a Metaverse that gives users remarkable freedom and empowerment.

Through this powerful tool, they can curate unique experiences tailored precisely to their desires.

Wilder World is an immersive digital universe where users can use WILD tokens to enjoy a wide range of transactions, NFTs, and crypto-related activities.

These unique coins also double as governance utilities allowing holders more say in the platform's future development.

This project blends high fashion, fine art photography, and innovative technology with the bonus of teaming up with renowned names in the crypto realm. A truly unique experience awaits!

The history of Wilder World

In 2019, Wilder World bloomed into existence. Led by a talented team of founders - Frank and Hipno Wilder, Andy Lee, Dave Waslen Jr., David Waslen Sr., and Phoenix Wilder – the platform has seen steady growth since its founding year.

At the forefront of this digital revolution stand a group of crypto and NFT experts who have come together to form an incredible online space.

Recognizing that our world is quickly becoming increasingly virtualized, these visionaries seize each opportunity.

Understanding Wilder World

These digitally-savvy crypto and NFT experts are seizing the chance to innovate in a rapidly changing world, creating a unique digital realm.

With heightened awareness of the increasing digitization of practically every area imaginable, these pioneers have stepped up to shape our future.

Unlock the potential of a secure, Metaverse-based digital space with Decentraland. Here is your chance to explore and monetize art, fashion, photography, and tech through non-fungible tokens in this decentralized NFT market and artist guild - an opportunity every tech-savvy creator should take advantage of!

The platform utilizes Liquid, an NFT marketplace setting unlike any other; it provides all the benefits of traditional, typical NFT transactions with a unique twist.

Wilder World stands out from the rest by providing a revolutionary platform for digital artists to showcase their work.

A Decentralized Autonomous Organization (DAO) and liquid NFT marketplace allows creators an intuitive way to distribute art in a secure, digital environment.

The platform offers thrilling games with real-world rewards and encourages players to step into their own metaverse.

Here, transitions between game states and actuality are fluid - one moment, competitors can be vying for prizes in a virtual space. At the same time, they could enjoy them in tangible contexts outside its digital walls.

NFTs offers an interactive experience on this platform - far beyond a simple JPEG. Each one provides its distinct virtual reality, depending on the type chosen.

Wilder World harnesses the combined powers of Unreal Engine 5, ZERO, and Ethereum to create a secure platform that is inextricably linked with all areas of the blockchain ecosystem.

With its revolutionary take on Web3, Wilder World intends to revolutionize the NFT space, ushering in unparalleled levels of realism and gameplay.

This, coupled with an unbeatable liquidity rate, has propelled it into a leader for next-generation experiences.

With Wilder World, creating and exploring is just the beginning. Packed with options for every taste, from gaming to cars, interior design & fashion - this groundbreaking platform allows anyone access regardless of NFTs. Unleash your imagination and join in on a wild ride!