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About Arch Indices

Arch is a decentralized Asset Management firm that serves as your gateway to the future of finance and technology.

We focus on curating a comprehensive family of market indices and token products to help investors build and manage their Web3 portfolios effectively.

Arch Indices is a powerful tool designed to gauge and track the market performance of alike groups of tokens. The indices are constructed over a proprietary classification system provided by the Arch Token Classification Standard (ATCS).

The ATCS is a framework that incorporates comprehensive and meticulously crafted rules and methodology that prioritize accuracy, transparency, and relevance, providing investors with a professional and sound classification map.

The cryptoassets universe has more than 2,300 protocols for around USD 1.1 trillion¹. With ATCS, we mapped and tagged over 500 of the largest protocols, with a total market cap of USD 1.03 trillion, corresponding to roughly 96.6% of the cryptoassets.

Indices are updated 24/7 and made available for investors on Arch's Intelligence platform.

We provide the most current information by providing real-time updates, empowering users to make confident and informed decisions while navigating the dynamic world of crypto markets.

Arch Indices are developed on two levels:

  1. Broad Market Indices
  2. Sector and Industry-specific Indices

Meet Arch Ethereum Web3 Index

Arch Ethereum Web3 Index is our broad market index that includes the largest protocols classified under the three most significant sectors in Web3: Finance, Consumer, and Infrastructure.

These three sectors include a classified universe of 282 assets, USD 69 billion in market cap, of which 99 comply with eligibility requirements to be part of the Arch Ethereum Web3 Index.

Sector and Industry Indices

Sectors and industry-specific indices are designed to track the evolution and performance of narrow themes in crypto, providing insights for users.

Sector Indices

Industry Indices

Check all Arch's Indices

Index Name Index Type
Arch Ethereum Web3 Index Broad-market Index
Arch Blockchains Index Broad-market Index
Arch Stablecoins Index Broad-market Index
Arch Finance Sector Index Sector Index
Arch Consumer Sector Index Sector Index
Arch Infrastructure Sector Index Sector Index
Arch Exchanges Industry Index Industry Index
Arch Asset Management Industry Index Industry Index
Arch Oracles Industry Index Industry Index
Arch Computing Industry Index Industry Index
Arch Metaverse Industry Index Industry Index
Arch Lending Industry Index Industry Index
Arch Derivatives Industry Index Industry Index
Arch Media Industry Index Industry Index
Arch Transactions Industry Index Industry Index
Arch Marketplaces Industry Index Industry Index

At Arch, we also create index-based investment products so that you can maximize returns with diversified, gas-efficient strategies. Learn more in