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The Sandbox: Tokenized Assets and the Metaverse

The Sandbox: Tokenized Assets and the Metaverse

The Sandbox is a metaverse looking to disrupt the gaming and GameFi industry completely. Read more about it and its tokens.

The Sandbox is a metaverse and gaming ecosystem built on Ethereum. Users can create experiences and games, interact with others and monetize their creations.

Brands such as Adidas, Gucci, and Time Magazine are all part of this metaverse with plots of LANDs and online experiences filled with new opportunities, partnerships, and engagements.

Understanding The Sandbox

The Sandbox wants to combine gaming, NFTs, and DeFi in one metaverse space.

Created by Pixowl, this metaverse space is looking to completely change the gaming industry, giving users the power to control and own their platforms within the digital world.

You can think of it as an utterly user-generated gaming and virtual experiences space where users entirely own their creations.

There are three main products within The Sandbox ecosystem.


This tool allows users to create and animate their 3D objects.

Tools, animals, people, furniture, and anything you see on this metaverse can be created using VoxEdit.

Every object created using it is referred to within the metaverse as ASSETS, and it's an ERC-1155 token. This means ASSETS can be fungible and non-fungible assets.

The ERC-1155 standard allows a single smart contract to manage multiple token types, including fungible, semi-fungible, and non-fungible tokens.

The Sandbox Marketplace

This is the place where creators and buyers can interact and trade. Users can publish and sell the ASSETS they created using VoxEdit or other purchased goods.

The Sandbox Game Maker

One thing that sets The Sandbox apart from other metaverses is its focus on gaming experiences.

The Sandbox Game Maker is the tool users can use to create their 3D games for free.

Users don't need coding experience to participate in The Sandbox, removing the barriers to entering the digital world.

With the ease of use, the no barriers approach, and a robust suite of tools, they want to create a strong community and bring gaming experiences and metaverse to light.

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Tokenomics of The Sandbox ecosystem

The Sandbox is a robust metaverse with a complete set of tokenized products. Within this metaverse, you'll find different types of tokens that act as tools and asset classes within the digital universe.


SAND is an ERC-20 token that acts as the currency. SAND powers all the transactions and interactions within the metaverse.

There is a finite supply of 3,000,000,000 SAND.

The SAND token has three prominent use cases.

  • Governance: SAND token holders can participate in governance decisions by voting or delegating their voting rights to another token holder of their choice.
  • Medium of exchange: Users can earn SAND through the game-play. They can also use it to purchase ASSETS or LAND and customize their Avatar.
  • Staking: Users can stake SAND tokens to earn rewards such as Gems and Catalysts, two other token types.
SAND token supply distribution and release schedule

SAND is part of the Arch Ethereum Web3 token


ASSETS, LANDS, and ESTATES are digital goods and real estate.

ASSETS are ERC-1155 tokens, while LANDS and ESTATES are represented by ERC-721 tokens, which are NFTs (non-fungible tokens).

Players can use their LANDS, a 96x96 meter digital plot, to house games and ASSETS. Only 166,464 LAND plots will ever exist.

Users can also combine multiple LANDS into a single property and create an ESTATE.

You can check what brands have LANDS in The Sandbox here.

What can users do with LAND and ESTATES

Gems and Catalysts

Gems and Catalysts are the other tokens you can find when interacting with The Sandbox. They are required for ASSET creation.

Catalysts are ERC-20 tokens that define the "tier" and scarcity of the ASSETS that are available for purchase in the marketplace. Tiers range from "common" to "legendary," with common ASSETS being the least scarce and legendary ASSETS being the rarest.

Gems, on the other hand, are ERC-20 tokens and are burned when used. In addition to being acquired via the staking of SAND, Gems can be purchased from other players.

Bringing it all together

Users and players can interact with this metaverse in different ways.

They can create ASSETS with the VoxEdit, then upload them to The Sandbox marketplace and sell them, getting SAND tokens in return.

They can also create games with Te Sandbox Game Maker and get SAND tokens monetizing their gaming experiences. Or they can participate in other games and earn rewards for playing.

Users can also create digital experiences in their LAND, building 3D worlds and earning tokens hosting events, or renting them out to other users.

Or they can stake their SAND tokens and also earn rewards more passively.

The Sandbox is looking to blu the lines between creators and participants and create a new place where users can be the owners and directors of the digital experience.

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