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Solscan: What It Is & How It Works

Solscan: What It Is & How It Works

For those looking to explore and access the wealth of information available on Solana's blockchain, look no further than Solscan – a free-to-use data analytics platform.

This powerful tool provides an alternative to the official explorer and quickly becomes one of the go-to solutions for accessing valuable insights about this cutting-edge technology.

Solscan is the perfect tool for tracking all your activity on Solana's cutting-edge blockchain.

Easily monitor transactions, addresses, and tokens with its intuitive platform that offers a wealth of information, including an NFT and DeFi dashboard. Stay in control as you navigate this rapidly developing technology.

What is Solscan

Solscan is revolutionizing the way users explore the workings of blockchain networks.

Providing comprehensive, accessible data about transactions and activity related to Solana's network, this dynamic explorer has become a popular alternative for those looking to unlock more information about their digital assets.

With Solscan, you can unlock the complex and lengthy complexities of cryptocurrency information built on Solana.

From deciphering supply to tracking staking details - all the way through block heights and validators- this powerful tool simplifies it for users in a convenient format that's easy to understand.

How Solscan works

Solscan allows you to stay up-to-date on any transaction made through the Solana blockchain. With just a few clicks, it scans information in real-time and provides an instant view of your activity - simple as entering a query into its search bar!

Solana gives users access to an extensive amount of data. Nodes collect this information and send it to specialized software, which organizes the content in searchable tables while simplifying its format.

When you enter something into the user interface web page after providing your query, their API translates it so that any server on the backend can process these details quickly.

As long as sufficient information is available for them to fetch from, they'll return results quickly with everything detailed clearly - allowing anyone who searches through Solana's vast archives to find what they need in no time!

Reasons to use Solscan

Knowing how to use a blockchain explorer is essential to get the full benefit of blockchain networks like Solana.

Blockchain explorers provide transparency - a necessary part of this technology - and Solscan is one tool that can help you keep track of your transactions on the network.

It's free to use

With Solscan, you can access your transaction history without creating an account. However, if you want tailored features and a deeper dive into the data that matters personally, opening an account takes only seconds - so it's worth considering.


Are you confused about what "pending" status means on Solana? Blockchain explorers like Solscan are great tools to make navigating the complex world of blockchain technology easier. With their help, you can easily track crypto transactions and understand how a particular ecosystem works!

User-friendly layout

Get an inside look at SOL's performance with Solscan, the blockchain explorer designed to provide a comprehensive overview of all things related to this native token. With its info-rich homepage and straightforward navigability, users can quickly find critical data about their assets in one place!

Packed with features

With Solscan, stay in the know about relevant information related to blockchain technology. From analytics and token pages to specialized dashboards for DeFi applications or NFTs – get an all-encompassing overview to help you make informed decisions.

How to track transactions on Solscan

We all know that every transaction on the Solana blockchain is distinct, with its unique identity signature.

But did you know this crucial identifier can be found in your smart contract? With its help, users of Solscan make use their most frequently used feature - searching through transactions and addresses.

To effortlessly trace the path of any transaction, copy and paste its unique signature into Solscan's convenient search bar. Uncover a wealth of insight with just one simple step.

By pressing Enter, you'll gain access to all of your Solana transaction data. Detailed information such as wallet address, fee amounts, and more can be found in the Overview section, while SOL Balance Change and Token Balance Change sections show a deeper look into each component.

Unlocking this wealth of knowledge will give you greater insight into past transactions.

Using Solscan to look up addresses

Keeping tabs on cryptocurrency wallets and blockchain addresses is critical to determine the legitimacy of a project and any smart contract activity connected with it.

With Solscan, you can quickly get an overview of a wallet's history. To do so, all it takes is to copy and paste the wallet address into their search bar – it's usually shorter than a transaction signature. You'll then receive details about its balance as well as related transactions.

Finding tokens on Solscan

Boost your tracking abilities with Solscan, allowing you to keep a close eye on tokens. Enter their name or contract address in the homepage search bar and start monitoring.

To ensure accuracy when inputting token information, reference its official website or CoinMarketCap for details about its valid contract address.

Using Solscan to see NFTs

Solana is at the forefront of the NFT revolution, offering users a one-stop shop with its convenient dashboard.

Explore Degenerate Ape Academy and other exciting offerings on their website's header tab or take your search to deeper depths using their homepage display - with so many choices available, you're sure to find something that catches your eye.

Checking the DeFi projects

The Solana ecosystem is a bustling hub of activity for decentralized exchanges (DEXs) with an exciting array of features to explore.

Some favorites among users are Raydium, Orca, and Saber - but there's much more waiting in the wings.

To stay up-to-date on all this action, take advantage of Solscan's DeFi dashboard or dive right into the drop-down menu available directly from their website.

Using Solscan to see active users

Access valuable metrics on Solscan's Analytics page, including the total transaction amount and TPS over the past 30 minutes.

Keep track of how many active accounts are connected at any given moment with this simple-yet-powerful feature.

Discover the number of accounts with active wallets by scrolling to the bottom of the Analytics overview and locating a helpful chart on its left side.

With Analytics' overview page, you can easily tailor your active accounts report with a range of dates - all within the click of a button.

Alternatives to Solscan

With Solscan as an excellent option for exploring the details of Solana's blockchain, several other powerful alternatives exist.

Blockchair and Solanascan can provide users with an abundance of detailed information on what is happening in this rising cryptocurrency system.

Solanascan and Blockchair offer an alternative to Etherscan's block explorer. Though the layout of these websites differs from Ethereum, those familiar with Etherscan will find it easy to use them thanks to a similarly constructed interface on SolanaScan.

To stay up-to-date and get the inside scoop on what's happening in crypto, a blockchain explorer like Solscan is an essential tool.

With just one click, you can access vital information about your transaction status or check activity for any wallet address—no experience is necessary.