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Merit Circle: What It Is & How It Works

Merit Circle: What It Is & How It Works

Merit Circle seeks to broaden the play-to-earn gaming industry by providing educational programs and beneficial 'scholarships.'

Through these efforts, Merit Circle hopes that people from all corners of the globe can participate in this lucrative playing field.

In addition, its treasury consists of game-related NFTs and early financial investments into Play.

What is Merit Circle

Merit Circle is on a mission to revolutionize Play for players who want to earn in the metaverse.

By creating a Decentralized Autonomous Organization (DAO), Merit Circle provides scholarships, educational opportunities, practical strategies, and networks that empower gamers with the knowledge necessary for successful earning potential within the virtual world.

The Merit Circle DAO is a decentralized, self-governing protocol with subsidiary entities spread across the play-to-earn sphere.

As its backbone and lifeblood, MC token holders oversee governance decisions to ensure maintained unity within this burgeoning organization.

Formerly Axie 420 scholarship program is now a DAO looking to extend its reach beyond the popular blockchain-based gaming platform.

It has already started collaborating with industry leaders such as Yield Guild Games, Sipher, and UFO for an even better crypto game experience.

Merit Circle consists of the following major components working in conjunction:


MainDAO is the powerful Merit Circle Ecosystem DAO which grants its owners a unique ability - to shape not just their subDAOs, but also have an impact on all of them as part of one cohesive platform.

Holding a stake in MainDAO gives you unparalleled voting rights that put your voice at the heart of decision-making!


Merit Circle mainDAO hosts a variety of subDAOs, each corresponding to an exciting and rewarding game within the Play-to-Earn industry.


SubDAOs leverage creative strategies and financial instruments are known as "Vaults" to generate revenue, with all profits flowing back into the collaborative ecosystem.

Each subDAO is crafted around a unique game plan tailored to its mechanics, ensuring that no two are alike.

The MC Token

MC tokens power the Merit Circle DAO, giving holders an authoritative voice in effective decision-making.

As a governance token, it acts as a decentralized index of play-to-earn industry performance while providing users with rewards for long-term engagement and loyalty to the ecosystem's goals.

Merit Circle DAO has diversified its treasury across several innovative play-to-earn projects, including profit sharing with 'scholars,' the acquisition of productive in-game assets, NFTs that hold nonproductive value, and investments into early-stage gaming initiatives.

As the industry leader in play-to-earn, MC tokens serve as an index of success. To ensure its longevity and increase value for holders, proceeds from successful investments are allocated to two beneficial uses: buying back coins on open markets at significant discounts below market price - thus creating a new floor level - and burning them entirely with 15% sent directly to 0x000000.

MC token holders are eligible to receive a range of exciting incentives, including staking rewards based on the amount of time held and exclusive access to upcoming projects.

NFT drops from Merit Circle and its partners will be available along with in-game rewards that can't be obtained anywhere else!

Merit Circle is an innovative governance system powered by the MC ERC-20 token.

Token holders can vote on Snapshot, a decentralized platform with no transaction fee requirements.

Furthermore, users can participate in staking activities utilizing their own private Merit Circle wallet and influence important decisions through the overall DAO model involving seven core contributor signatories where 4 out of them are required for implementation resolution processes.

An all-encompassing user-facing platform is currently under development. It will bring further convenience when onboarding people into this exciting gamified universe that merges technology and social interaction at its best!