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Invest in the Next Amazon of the Web3 Era

Invest in the Next Amazon of the Web3 Era

The headline sounds like clickbait (and part of the intent was to get your attention), but unlike most click baits, in this case, it's true

Web3 projects are working on creating the internet of the future. An ecosystem in which finance, games, collectibles, and marketplaces are done in a decentralized way and without third parties. Web3 is not a single company but hundreds of independent projects.

You can imagine the ecosystem as hundreds of companies, or startups, working on creating a disruptive solution that millions of people will use in the future. In the same way that Google started with a small search engine, or Spotify launched when the only musical solution was a CD.

But let's continue with the parallelism between traditional industries and Web3 projects.

In most traditional industries, investing is only possible once they have exploded and reached the much-dreamed-of IPO.

Retail investors, like you and me, can only participate in them once they are already public, listed on the stock exchange, and allow the buying and selling of shares.

But at that point where they exploded, substantial gains had already materialized among early investors who could invest in the early days.

And who are these early investors? In most cases, friends, family of the founders, and venture capitalists - those companies that invest considerable sums in disruptive projects.

But in the case of Web3 projects, investing in emerging and disruptive industries is possible for retail investors by purchasing their protocol tokens.

Tokens are helpful for the network to pay transaction fees and work similarly to stocks. You own a percentage of that decentralized protocol, and you are investing at a critical moment in its growth.

It's like investing in Amazon before it was Amazon or PayPal before it was PayPal.

In addition, the entry amounts are low, allowing for controlled risk exposure.

For example, Uniswap, one of the world's largest decentralized exchanges, has a valuation of $1.7 billion dollars. One of its main investors is Andreesen Horowitz, the world's largest Venture Capital fund, and now retail investors can participate in the same way.

As with fledgling startups, the odds of profit are higher, but they are also more volatile. That is why asset diversification becomes so relevant.

And this is where solutions like our $WEB3 token come in. $Web3 acts like a basket of tokenized assets collecting the tokens of the main Web3 projects and exposing investors to 70% of the Web3 market. In practice, it's like a diversified venture capital fund that invests in the most important startups in the industry and where anyone can participate with even less than $100.

In this way, we can all participate as early investors, in the same way, that, until now, only venture capitalists could do.