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GALA: What It Is & How It Works

GALA: What It Is & How It Works

Gala Games is creating an exciting new domain in the world of gaming: blockchain-based games with a wide selection, thanks to its own Gala Network and native token.

Players can buy or sell digital assets associated with these games for real rewards; they even have complete ownership over their expensive NFTs, which equates to hundreds of dollars!

It's no wonder why so many gamers are flocking to this revolutionary platform.

Gala history

Eric Schiermeyer, a pioneer in the blockchain and gaming industries and co-founder of globally renowned mobile game developer Zynga, has established a new start-up focused on harnessing the power of blockchain technology.

During his time at Zynga, Schiermeyer brought to life some iconic titles, such as Poker Wars and FarmVille, that successfully captured audiences with their captivating casual gameplay for people from all walks of life.

With a proven track record of developing meaningful projects, Schiermeyer unveiled Gala Games in the summer of 2019 - an ambitious platform allowing gamers to take control of their gaming experiences.

In 2020, the Gala Games team experienced tremendous growth, expanding their workforce to a size of 65.

Reflecting that success, they debuted Town Star- an exciting playable game- and an innovative NFT collectible series called VOX.

Already looking ahead and remaining ambitious in their pursuits, two new titles are currently under development: Mirandus and Fortified, which promise even more captivating experiences for players worldwide.

Our range of interactive projects is diverse and thrilling, ranging from a whimsical fantasy RPG game to an enthralling sci-fi strategy experience, not forgetting the edge-of-your-seat excitement offered by our tower defense title.

How Gala Games works

The Gala Games network is maintained and strengthened through the robust node infrastructure, requiring committed operators to qualify for GALA token rewards.

By supporting this system of nodes with a minimum 6-hour commitment daily, contributors are rewarded while helping ensure that an abundance of games remains available on the platform.

Users must acquire and configure a node program by purchasing Gala Games accounts to get involved in the interactive environment.

Ultimately, their digital nodes will evolve into one-of-a-kind NFTs that can be sold on reputable marketplaces such as OpenSea.

Node owners reap the benefits of operating their nodes with a bounty of daily GALA tokens, occasional NFT drops, and voting rights. They can also accept rewards in-game coins that have been air-dropped to them specifically.

Participating in a Founder's Node system engages players with the broader Gala Games ecosystem as they gain ownership of unique NFT tokens and have their say over governance decisions.

Triple-Proof node system

Gala Games has developed a sophisticated, triple-proof node system to ensure the integrity of its network. Its nodes are divided into three categories that work together to provide ultimate security and reliability.

Proof of Work

Gala Games has broken its nodes down into three distinct categories. The most prestigious of these is the Founder node system, which consists of users who were among the earliest supporters and received NFTs from new gaming titles with GALA tokens allocated to their licenses - a veritable reward for loyalty to an exciting network!

Proof of Stake

PoS users are a network of paid nodes providing stable service for certain games through smart contract-driven agreements.

Proof of Storage

Powered-by-Speculation (PoS) nodes liberate gamers from relying on major hosting platforms like Amazon Web Services, enabling them to move their games onto a node system instead. This helps preserve the economic balance in today's gaming climate while introducing more titles into circulation.

GALA token

By running a node or purchasing in-game items, users can earn tokens and access exclusive non-fungible assets that bring unprecedented levels of authenticity to their gaming experience.

GALA tokenomics creates an exciting ecosystem where users can seek rewards by playing games and inviting new players.

Furthermore, investors can earn GALA tokens through node ownership or trading on exchange platforms - meaning wealth is accessible without compromising game ownership in the public domain.

Gala Games is leading the way in redefining gaming, aiming to address gamers' preferences by making ownership central.

The company looks to inspire a new wave of gaming that reimagines what blockchain games can offer and create an industry experience where monetization does not take precedence over user enjoyment.