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Dune Analytics: What It Is & How It Works

Dune Analytics: What It Is & How It Works

Learn what Dune Analytics is, how it works, and how you can use it to learn more about the crypto space.

Crypto moves with lightning speed, and the market shifts in an instant. With technology advancing faster than ever, companies constantly need to keep up-to-date on current trends - leading to an increased demand for real-time data providers that can provide valuable insights into these rapidly changing markets.

Dune Analytics is turning heads in the blockchain world. With its innovative platform that enables users to access crypto dashboards driven by real-time data, it has quickly become a go-to resource for many.

It secured an impressive $69 million Series B funding round earlier this year and continues offering reliable services- free of charge!

The powerhouse behind Dune lies in its vibrant community and the creative dashboards they design. From tracking yield farms on Ethereum to analyzing collections of coveted NFTs, these intrepid users provide a wealth of insights into the crypto world.

Dune is the perfect platform for data exploration and sharing, offering users free access to comprehensive insights.

With a few clicks, you can easily create your dataset or explore innovative projects published by members worldwide - all without paying any extra.

Find the answers to your most curious questions with Dune - a powerful tool that uncovers the unseen. For example, explore Ethereum Name System domain names of five letters sorted by expiry dates within an easy-to-use dashboard.

Analyzing MakerDAO's blockchain data, a researcher delved into the mysterious and fascinating world of DAI--the U.S. dollar-backed stablecoin that revolutionized digital finance!

How to use Dune Analytic

To explore the world of blockchain data, look no further than

Discover popular dashboards with just one click using their 'Discover' button or search for specific stats in their convenient search bar – sorted into neat and tidy collections referred to as "dashboards."

Representations may include textual lists or eye-catching visualizations like graphs and charts.

Dune allows you to explore the digital world, unlocking insights into Ethereum, Polygon, BNB Chain, and more.

Unlock the power of blockchain data with a single click! With Dune, you can see up-to-date information on an easily accessible dashboard - no complex database queries are necessary.

Experience easy access to valuable insights from all your stored transactions in one place.

When you want to view your queries, they'll be refreshed – though there might be a slight delay. You could find yourself in the queue and have slightly dated data for up to several hours!

Take control of your data by writing custom queries to dig deeper into the information stored in Dune. But beware, reliable results rely on accurate coding - a single mistake can send you down an endless spiral!

Unleash the power of your analytics and get a leg up on everyone else with Dune Analytics' premium paid service. Maximize workflow efficiency today by opting into this fantastic opportunity from Dune Analytics.

A little background on Dune Analytic

Fredrik Haga and Mats Olsen, two founders from Oslo, Norway, had a vision for Dune Analytics.

With Fredrik's eclectic background of economics degrees from prestigious universities in Australia and the United States and his passion for hip-hop music and freestyle skiing, Mats stayed rooted in software engineering and data science after graduating from university and created this tech unicorn known as Dune Analysis.

Over a summer beer Mats and his colleague had an epiphany - the corporate gig at their Norwegian media company was far too big for them to make meaningful strides in cryptocurrency.

Taking matters into their own hands, they quit on the spot and put all their energy towards launching Dune, making a bold impact against traditional industry stalwarts.

With limited resources and few paying customers, a small shop set out to build upon Ethereum data, and months of arduous struggles they have seemed in vain until. Finally, Binance stepped up with an offer they couldn't refuse - admittance into their prestigious accelerator program.

In August 2020, amidst the frenzy of DeFi Summer and its lucrative yield farming opportunities, Dune Analytics skyrocketed in popularity.

Thanks to a seed round injection of $2 million that same month, the experimental finance protocol is poised for even greater success as it moves into 2021.

As Dune's popularity has soared, it now stands as the choice blockchain platform for some of crypto's most dynamic players.

Argent and Uniswap are revolutionizing DeFi with their innovative protocols, while Compound is changing how users can lend and borrow assets instantly.

Meanwhile, Messari brings transparency to reporting, so everyone knows which blockchains are moving the needle in this space, along with ConsenSys, whose distributed applications build trust-less ecosystems around data sharing among organizations. These visionaries have all made one thing clear - they choose Dune!