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Crypto Friendly Countries: Updated 2023

Crypto Friendly Countries: Updated 2023

Discover the crypto friendly countries where tax havens and offshore exchanges are plentiful. Know all the options available for investors.

In 2022, the crypto industry was expected to be revolutionized by two groundbreaking developments: government regulations and Central Bank Digital Currencies (CBDCs).

Together these forces will create a new financial environment that could drastically alter how we use digital coins.

Joe Biden's executive order on cryptocurrency has stunned observers by introducing a surprisingly positive stance, yet its implications may still be bearish for private cryptos like Bitcoin.

Globally, countries such as Nigeria are becoming the laboratories of mixing state-run digital currencies and decentralized cryptocurrencies - providing an insight into how both can co-exist in harmony.

With the rise of CBDCs, knowing which countries have crypto-friendly regulations is more important than ever.

Are you looking for a place where taxes are low, and your lifestyle is optimized? Perhaps relocating to one of these places could benefit from taking advantage of their crypto-friendly policies – better start researching!

Discover the crypto-friendly countries where tax havens and offshore exchanges are plentiful.

The most crypto-friendly countries

Despite the longstanding presence of cryptocurrencies, governments remain divided in taxing and regulating them.

In some countries, crypto is heavily monitored, while others take an open-minded stance, a curious limbo that has captivated nations worldwide for years.

With cryptocurrency becoming more mainstream and accepted, knowing the taxation policies related to crypto activities is essential.

Most countries tax income earned with cryptos and capital gains from trading or spending on goods/services.

Fortunately, donations in cryptocurrencies can help reduce your liabilities! But if you want proper tax exemption on all crypto-related activities, look no further than 2023 - when some of the most friendly nations towards digital currency will emerge.

So buckle up, folks – 2023 may become known for being when cryptocurrency started taking off worldwide!

El Salvador

El Salvador is revolutionizing the world of cryptocurrency. In 2021, it became the first nation to adopt Bitcoin as a legal tender - meaning citizens can use crypto just like regular currency!

No income or capital gains taxes on BTC in El Salvador either exist. But that's not all: defying criticism from traditional financial institutions, this Central American country has now announced plans to build an entire city based around cryptocurrencies – making itself a hub and potential pioneer over time.


Singapore is an idyllic crypto paradise. Not only does the South-East Asian country not tax capital gains or goods and services bought with cryptocurrency, but its financial regulators are very accommodating of digital assets - allowing companies to operate without a license for up to six months! Nevertheless, Singapore still uses income taxes on profits from trading cryptocurrency.


Portugal, a crypto-friendly nation with no capital gains taxes or trading fees for cryptocurrency investors, has become a trendy destination in the industry. The country's Golden Visa program allows non-EU citizens to gain residency permits (and eventually passports) by investing.

However, those wishing to remain tax-exempt must limit their time spent there yearly to under 182 days.

Lisbon is quickly becoming one of Europe's leading hubs due to this lucrative opportunity that Portugal provides, allowing people worldwide access to life without worrying about significant taxation on crypto.


Thanks to its 2018 law on the blockchain, cryptocurrency, and distributed ledger technology, Malta has become an increasingly attractive destination for crypto enthusiasts.

Companies establishing ICOs in Malta can pay as little as 0-5%, depending on income status - a fraction of the usual 35% taxation rate. This legislation created an inviting environment that's turning heads within the digital currency realm!

Puerto Rico

Puerto Rico is a tax haven for North American crypto investors.

Those who become residents of the U.S. overseas territory can avoid federal income taxes and capital gains on new cryptocurrency purchases - but purchases made before becoming a resident are still taxable to the IRS!


With Zug and Lugano leading the way, Switzerland quickly becomes one of Europe's premier crypto hubs. While they have taxes on mining income and a wealth tax on individuals' net worth, this country has no capital gains taxes – making it an attractive destination for digital currency entrepreneurs.

However, income from professional trading activities remains taxable, providing stability to Swiss finances.


Slovenia, the idyllic Alpine country with fewer than two million people, boasts an impressive track record for blockchain projects.

Despite taxing ICOs and mining income, Slovenians can enjoy capital gains and tax-free profits as they navigate this brave new world.


With its innovative laws, Germany is jumping into the cryptocurrency market! It has declared digital assets as private money instead of financial support to make tax optimization accessible.

Plus, capital gains are exempt after holding cryptocurrencies for over one year — and income from mining or staking can be taxed at favorable terms with exemptions available after ten years.

Crypto Tax-Free Countries in 2022

If you aim to keep Uncle Sam at bay regarding cryptocurrency, these countries will hit a home run for you!

They have taken crypto-friendliness up several notches by offering no taxes on digital assets. If that's what you're after, look at the top contenders in this tax exemption race.

El Salvador

El Salvador is a paradise for cryptocurrency enthusiasts, with zero taxes on crypto-related income or investments.

It's quickly becoming THE hotspot for adventurous investors looking to take full advantage of its unique benefits!


Bermuda offers a paradise of financial freedom, with no income or capital gains taxes and zero levies on crypto transactions.

It's even the only Caribbean Island state where you can pay your foreign tax liability in USDC.

Cayman Islands

For those looking to avoid onerous taxes, the Cayman Islands are an ideal destination - offering a haven for digital assets and no income or capital gains tax when it comes to cryptocurrencies.

It's not hard to see why this tropical paradise is so popular.


The tech-savvy nation of Belarus is the unlikely new home for cryptocurrency, courtesy of its authoritarian leader Alexander Lukashenko who has declared a tax exemption on crypto investments and mining until 2023.

Businesses and individuals alike can now reap all the rewards of digital currency without worrying about steep taxes.

Is there a crypto passport? Does any country give you a residence for your crypto?

Are you traveling to a place with no taxes on cryptocurrency? Now it's possible! With countries offering what can be called "crypto passports," individuals can buy their way into freedom from crypto taxation - all for the price of a small donation.


Discover the exciting opportunity to become a citizen of Vanuatu – an idyllic Pacific Island nation that made history as the first country in the world to accept payments in Bitcoin.

With just $130,000, you could secure five years of citizenship with all its accompanying rights.


Escape to paradise and enjoy the benefits of a crypto passport in this tropical tax haven. An easy way to make it happen? Donate $100,000 – a meager amount – to further development in the Caribbean.