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Blockchain and Crypto: The New Internet

Blockchain and Crypto: The New Internet

Many of us can remember the characteristic sound dial-up Internet made when we tried to connect to the web.

And many of us remember how complex and costly access to the Internet was and the many messages and news commenting on how the Internet was a passing fad.

Despite facing initial opposition and skepticism, the Internet has changed the world forever, creating a new era of innovation and progress.

Similarly, blockchain can transform how we do business and exchange value.

As companies continue to explore blockchain integration with emerging technologies such as the Internet of Things (IoT), the possibilities for its use will expand.

And the truth is that the parallelisms between the internet boom that we lived in the 90s and 2000s and the crypto boom that we are living in now are undeniable.

Below, you can see how the current situation in the crypto ecosystem is similar to the circumstances we experienced at the end of the 90s with the Internet.

Pantera Capital (2022)

A paradigm shift

We are at a point where technology is undergoing a paradigm shift from Web2 to Web3.

And just like in the 90s the first internet applications and the first (and very rudimentary) web pages were built; now, 25-something years later,  the first blockchain applications are being made.

However, during the early days of the Internet, we referred to all these companies as .com companies. We referred to them as part of a bubble, unconnected to the traditional economy.

Now, 20 years later, .com companies have become just companies. Amazon is no longer "an internet company." It is a tech giant. It's not part of a bubble; it's a fundamental block of the economy.

It is likely that in a few more years, we will not refer to crypto startups as crypto startups or Web3 businesses but as tech companies. Just like we did with the Amazons.

As more companies adopt blockchain and experiment with its applications, new opportunities arise to invest in innovative and promising projects.

So if you are looking for ways to diversify your investment portfolio, this is the perfect time to consider crypto's potential.

It's early, which is the ideal time to enter the market. Don't say, we didn't warn you 😉